Github Repos

Domain-Driven Design Starter Modelling Process
This process gives you a step-by-step guide for learning and practically applying each aspect of Domain-Driven Design (DDD)
SATURN 2019 Workshop -- Architecture Island
Our goal is to identify the most important concepts, ideas, strategies, methods, patterns, and so on, that all software engineers must know about software architecture.
EventStorming Glossary & Cheat sheet
Here you will find a combination of a glossary of terms on EventStorming core concepts written down in a consistent and comprehensive glossary.
Context Mapping
Context Maps describe the contact between bounded contexts and teams with a collection of patterns. There are nine context map patterns and three different team relationships.
Core Domain Charts
Core Domain Charts help you to visualise the strategic importance of each sub-domain or business capability in your software architecture allowing you to make business model-aligned architectural decisions.
The Bounded Context Canvas
The Bounded Context Canvas is a collaborative tool for designing and documenting the design of a single bounded context.
Virtual Modelling Templates
This repo contains a collection of resources for applying DDD collaboratively in remote environments.
The Aggregate Design Canvas
The Aggregate Design Canvas is a modelling tool meant to be used as a part of design-level domain modelling activities.
Domain Message Flow Modelling
Designing loosely-coupled systems requires more than carefully designed boundaries.