Global Domain-Driven Day 2024

The Global Domain-Driven Design (DDD) Day is an world wide event aimed at promoting the principles and practices of Domain-Driven Design. Organized by the Virtual Domain-Driven Design community, this event combines local meetups with a continuous 16-hour online open space. Local organizers are invited to host their own events, which will be featured on our website, allowing participants to choose between attending local meetups, joining the online open space, or even both.

Key Details

Date: 21st November

Time: Starts at 6 UTC and ends around 22 UTC (or longer if participation continues)

Online Platform: https://gather.Town

Cost for Online Participation: 5 USD (to cover platform costs, going live soon)

The Online Open Space

The online open space will be held on Gather Town as we did with our previous open spaces, a virtual meeting platform that facilitates interactive and engaging sessions. This open space will reset every ~5 hours and begin with a featured talk, allowing participants from various time zones to join at convenient times. The online space provides a continuous learning environment where participants can engage in discussions, attend sessions, and collaborate on DDD-related topics.

Local meetups

coming soon!!!

Participation Options for Local Organizers

  1. Host a Local Meetup:
    • Organize your meetup as you usually do, whether it's a talk, workshop, hands-on modelling session, or an open-space evening.
    • Your event will be announced on this page, providing visibility and attracting participants.
    • You have full autonomy to structure your event to best suit your community’s needs.
  2. Optionally:
    • Stream one of the three organized talks from the online open space at your meetup. These talks will help kickstart discussions and provide valuable insights into Domain-Driven Design.
    • If you wish, you can stream your local talks to the Global Domain-Driven Design Day on Gather town, sharing your community’s knowledge with a global audience.

For more information join our discord channel: (when you joined we need to give you rights first to see the channels) or contact us ( to get permissions to edit the local community page overview


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