A design methodology for reliable software systems

Author(s): Barbara Liskov

Because systems of any size can al-ways be expected to be subject to changes in require-ments, the project goal is to produce not only reliable software, but readable software which is relatively easy to modify and maintain. This paper describes a design methodology developed as part of that project.

Level: Intermediate

Splitting the Organization and Integrating the Code: Conway’s Law Revisited

Author(s): James D. Herbsleb and Rebecca E. Grinter

his paper presents a case study of what indeed turned out to be the most difficult part of a geographically distributed software project, i.e., integration.

Level: Intermediate


On the Criteria to Be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules

Author(s): D. L. Parnas

This paper discusses modularization as a mechanism for improving the flexibility and comprehensibility of a system while allowing the shortening of its development time.

Level: Intermediate