Experimenting with remote Big Picture EventStorming

Big Picture EventStorming is a really nice tool to start finding emergent bounded context, create a shared mindset about the problem space of your business and find the next biggest constraint in the flow of business value. The visualisation tool works because you have all the people in the same room collaborating. Unfortunately with Covid-19, it won't be possible to do these anymore and we are constraint to online sessions. Join us in this session in a hands-on big picture eventstorming and try to find out how we can get heuristics of collaboration for offline as close to the online world. We will start by doing the chaotic exploration using miro and spatial.chat and try to mimic a real-life setting. We will share our experience with offline vs online big picture EventStormings and see what we can learn to improve our online collaboration!


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Relationship(s) between problem and solution space

Relationship(s) between problem and solution space

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