Fostering autonomous teams with proper leadership culture

Domain-Driven Design is a lot about collaborative modelling, understanding the user's needs collaboratively to design and implement the best fitting model. We want the teams to do this as autonomous as possible, getting fast feedback and new insights into improving that model. At the same time, they need to stay aligned with the company goals and strategy and other teams. To ensure this alignment, companies hire managers and architects for that task. But what decisions should be made centralized, and what decentralized? What part of managing should be autocratic, and what should be participatory?

Join us in a dialogue with Ellis de Haan, Marc Burgauer, Andrew Harmel-Law and Trond Hjorteland. We will discuss everything concerning the culture around autonomous teams. Patterns of anarchy, command and control decision making, architects as a job, the long going discussion of 'do we really need a manager' and can leaders be managers? And dive into the stratified systems theory or 'levels of work' by Elliot Jaques.



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