When to invest in Strategic design and when in Tactical design

Most people introduced to Domain-Driven Design usually start with the first parts of the book, a very tactical approach treating DDD as a programming discipline. Then people begin discovering the architecture ideas in it, telling DDD is more than code. That is where they get introduced to the more strategic approach. But tactical vs strategic thinking can quickly turn into a polarity discussion where one is perceived as more important than the other. But with any polarity, both have up and down-side, you cannot do the one without the other. But when do we invest in one, and when into the other? Join us in this collaborative modelling session, where through dialogues we can discover signals when either strategy or tactical is not helpful anymore, and explore heuristics together to move to the other side, keeping the balance, doing tactical AND strategic design when we most need it!


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Relationship(s) between problem and solution space

Relationship(s) between problem and solution space

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