A recipe for Model Driven Development – Carla Arauco – DDD Europe 2019


Domain-Driven Design Europe 2019

A recipe for Model Driven Development

Nowadays the trends in software development techniques follow each other quickly. Starting, medior and senior programmers are proficient in the rapidly changing approaches and skills.

And that is good . . . . . BUT

We see more and more that old wisdoms, that could bring many advantages, have been lost.

In this talk we will reveal an old forgotten recipe that was handed over to us by masters of software engineering. With more than 15 years in a journey applying Model Driven Development in research and software development, I would like to share with you the experience we have gained.
I will present to you how we made the recipe our own and walk you through the ingredients and the preparation. In every step we will unfold how DDD shares and complements in many aspects with Model driven development.

Who knows maybe after this session you can start making your own recipe?


Carla is a specialist in business modelling and analysis. She is at her best during the analysis of complex organization issues. Born and educated as a system engineer in Bolivia, she left for the Netherlands in 2009 for a Master of Science in Information Systems with a strong focus in Model Driven Development. Here she became even more skilled at building the bridge between Business & IT. At GorillaIT she is responsible as lead business analyst for the model foundation of several large projects and monitoring the connection to Karooda, GorillaIT’s own low-code platform that generates software.


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