[DDDDD-20] Remote Bounded Context Modelling

video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=QoGvpbkzZTQ

(It doesn't matter if you've practiced DDD before or never heard of Bounded Contexts you can attend and get value from this workshop. Developers, Testers, Product Managers, Architects, all welcome)

Digital tools give us new powers to collaboratively model software architectures as DDD Bounded Contexts. We can copy and paste entire EventStorms and allow each person or group of people to organise the EventStorm into their own Bounded Contexts. Digital tools also give us the power to create and continuously modify clearer architectural diagrams which enable us to communicate ideas better and receive feedback from others.

In this workshop, we'll extract as much value as we can from digital modelling tools like Miro to break an EventStorm down into bounded contexts, and then use Eric Evan's model exploration whirlpool to challenge and refine our model by applying concrete use cases.


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