Do we need software architects?


Do Software architects have a bad name? Why? What are your expectations, what anti-patterns you experience? What are you thankful for from your architects? Should you have a software architect in the team, or between the teams? Changing the world starts with thinking and sharing the reasons. We would like to discuss this conflict at our next meetup in this open discussion. Please reach out if you are a developer and you would like to participate in a constructive discussion. Until then: fire away, put your thoughts, stories, examples on this miro board Thank you!


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Systems thinking is the macro behaviour that we must understand in analyzing our world. A system always produces what it is designed to do, even if that isn't at all what we meant it to do! Systems are self-maintaining, and contain balancing and/or reinforcing...

Managing Domain Knowledge with Chris Simon

From example mapping, to BDD, to DDD practices like event storming and domain storytelling, we're fortunate to have a wide range of tools for collaboratively building domain knowledge and creating models of those domains in software. One gap that many...