Managing Domain Knowledge with Chris Simon


From example mapping, to BDD, to DDD practices like event storming and domain storytelling, we're fortunate to have a wide range of tools for collaboratively building domain knowledge and creating models of those domains in software.

One gap that many organisations experience is the management of that domain knowledge over time. Domains evolve. Team members learn new aspects of the domain, or invent more useful models. Team members leave – taking knowledge with them, and new members join but never get the chance to participate in foundational collaborative modelling sessions.

Living documentation is a set of practices to help ensure institutional knowledge is reliable, collaborative and low-effort.

In this session, Chris will do some live domain modelling with volunteers from the audience to demonstrate a new approach to capturing domain knowledge as living documentation, and how to use open source tools like Contextive ( to help ensure the knowledge is absorbed, maintained, and relevant over time.


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