Virtual Lean Coffee Fishbowl: UX, DDD and BDD


It all started with a tweet by John Cutler <>. And it seemed that a lot of people from these communities learned a lot from each other. And we would love to learn more about different areas of overlap. It seems like goals and culture are aligned in both communities. Join us in this Virtual Lean Coffee, where a panel of 10-15 people from the UX, DDD and BDD community will exchange topics that overlap with each community. The great thing is, you can participate because we are making the Lean Coffee a fishbowl! Join zoom and join us live in the discussion, or just sit back and enjoy the stream from youtube and ask questions in the chat! Hope to see you there!

The people who have confirmed so far are: Dawn Ahukanna Indi Young Rebecca Wirfs-Brock Fredrik Matheson Gojko Adzic John Cutler Matt Wynne Paul Rayner Robert Meaney Steve Tooke Jabe Bloom Sam Hatoum John Ferguson Smart and more to come….


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